eControl Series X 

Revolutionary performance, fully controllable & lower than ever running costs. Jacksons of Preston are proud to introduce the latest generation of cost-saving for your range cooker with the brand new eControl Series X!

 If you have an older range cooker or want to add a range cooker to your home for less but still have the modern conveniences then converting to eControl provides the perfect solution! Transition seamlessly from traditional to controllable cooking with eControl without changing your cooking habits.

Proudly Made & Manufactured In The UK

Peace Of Mind With A 5 Year Warranty

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The eControl X Series brings so many benefits to the table.

With exceptionally rapid heat-up times, our hobs achieve roasting temperatures of 220°C in as little as 62 minutes from a cold start. For more delicate dishes, allow an additional 30 minutes for the oven to reach full saturation before cooking.

The eControl System has independent control between hobs and ovens. This provides maximum flexibility for the user and critically means that the hob temperatures won’t suffer when ovens are in use. 

Unparalleled heat up times with hobs up to temperature in as little as 8 minutes and oven temperatures achieved in as little as 30 minutes. Lower running costs versus most traditional models. Very low running costs when used flexibly.

Five year warranty

Offering an unrivalled 5 year parts warranty on all eControl systems. Our warranty is insurance backed for complete peace of mind. We guarantee continuity of spares by using the world’s leading components manufacturer.

No Flue, No Problem

The eControl Cooker creates no products of combustion, fumes or harmful gases meaning there is no requirement for a chimney or flue. Better for your home and better for the environment.

Running Costs Slashed

The eControl System costs a fraction of the cost to run vs traditional models. Our unique system focuses the heat on the areas required and prevents heat loss through smart design. 

Eco mode

A unique ECO mode which allows you to drop the overall temperature of the hobs and ovens separately allowing you to take the green choice and further save on running costs when not required. 


The Green Option

Central to the design of the eControl System has been to revolutionize the environmental impact made by the range cooker. The alternative is now a thing of the past.

Independent Control

This system has independent control between hobs and ovens, for maximum flexibility for the user and critically means that the hob temperatures won’t suffer when ovens are in use.

Pre-Heat Function

Use position 2 of the oven dial as a preheat function. This mode employs additional elements to get the cooker up to temperature before thermostatically turning itself off when optimal.

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