A New Generation, ALL ELECTRIC

Rayburn Ranger

The all new electric Rayburn Ranger provides flexible, energy efficient cooking whilst bringing complete new style to your kitchen.

 Available in 8 colours, traditional shades and bold hues. 

A New Generation Rayburn.


rayburn ranger ovens
rayburn ranger control panel


Two 5mm radiant steel ovens with enamelled liner, completed with cast iron doors with stainless steel door liners that can be removed to dishwasher clean. Finished with a magnetic catch for a smooth closure. 

Control Panel

Easy to use control panel. 2 dials to independently control each oven (Roasting, Baking / simmering, E-setting & Grill) & control the hotplate to boiling / simmering or off. A switch to provide a on / off for the warming oven. 


Located in the roasting oven, a 900W Grill with four grilling positons. With a heat up of 10 minutes from cold.

Top Plate

Controllable cast iron hotplate with boiling & simmering modes, accompanied with a two-zone induction hob with bridging feature which provides the option of a larger cooking surface.

A New Generation, ALL ELECTRIC

Rayburn Ranger 100-3i

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rayburn ranger ovens


rayburn ranger control panel


                SLATE GREY



rayburn ranger ovens


rayburn ranger control panel





Key Specifications

All electric 3 x 13amp connections
Vented into the room from the top of the cooker. Cooker hood recommended.
Adjustable feet and wheels to allow easier installation.
5mm gap required.
3 years parts and 1 year labour warranty.
Regular servicing is not required.


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