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eControl Series 2

Over the last 12 months the eControl series has become one our most popular products, so we are very excited to announce the launch of the new eControl Series 2!

The eControl Series 2 system gives full control of bespoke temperatures in all areas of the cooker and can be set to work in line with the traditional AGA just like the original series.

Unrivalled heat up times allow the user to manually switch on and off from cold, automate with a wi-fi or digital timer, ‘tick over’ in ECO mode or run the appliance at full providing full ambient heat into the room. The eControl system is a revolutionary, modernised retrofit product that converts existing gas, oil and electric traditional Agas to a fully controllable cooker.

eControl Series 1

You can now fully automate your refurbished AGA with a wi-fi or digital timer, use ‘tick-over’ in ECO mode or run the appliance at full power providing full ambient heat into the room.

You can totally dictate the running costs of your refurbished Aga cooker by taking advantage of the simple eControl features.

For eControl Series 1 models the appliance will reach the following nominal pre-set temperatures;

Roasting Oven – 220 °C
Baking Oven – 180 °C
Slow cooking Oven – 120 °C
Warming Oven – 80 °C
Boiling Plate – 375 °C
Simmering Plate – 265 °C

eControl Series 2

The eControl Series 2 is more efficient than the original eControl, achieving running costs up to 15% lower than Series 1.

It is now possible to dictate the running costs of your refurbished Aga cooker by taking advantage of flexibility provided within the simple features of the updated series.

For eControl Series 2 models the customer can set each area within the following temperature ranges;



With a refurbished Aga using the Econtrol kit, you can enjoy independent control of all ovens and hot plates. Take command of your cooking temperatures with roasting, baking and simmering temperatures available in the double oven model. As each element is insulated, no oven heat will be lost when using the hobs.

Lower Running Costs

Our refurbished Agas using the eControl kit costs a fraction of the amount to run verses a traditional Aga. Heat is focused within the areas required, preventing heat loss through its smart design. Additionally, the cookers need no regular servicing, allowing you to save further costs, without occurring those annual maintenance bills.

Ergonomic Control Panel

The ergonomic glass control panel with only two dials embodies the simplistic functionality expected with a classic range cooker. This means even the most tech adverse user will have no difficulty in understanding and getting the most out of the eControl.

Our Refurbished Agas with the eControl kit

At Jacksons our reconditioned Aga, with the eControl, models are refurbished to their original former condition and installed with the new eControl system.

Buying a ready-converted Aga allows you to experience all the benefits of a heat storage cooker. Enjoy its controllability, faster heat up times, it’s revolutionary eco-mode and wifi function, efficiency and reduced running costs.

For those that don’t wish to part with their beloved cooker, Jacksons provide an electric conversion service to change your own Aga using the eControl kit!

Additionally, Jacksons can restore your Aga to its former glory upon converting your cooker to an eControl system. For more information on re-enamelling services, please contact us.

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