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Everhot 160i

The Everhot 160i is the largest Everhot range cooker, bringing focal warmth to the biggest of kitchens an satisfying the most ambitious of home cooks.

The Everhot 160i emulates the classic Everhot style combined with energy efficiency from British craftsmanship/ The 60i is an opulent, attention grabbing centerpiece that brings warmth and style to your kitchen.



4 full ovens
Two integral grills
Easy-to-adjust control panel (middle door)
Traditinal double simmer and hot platesd either side of a two-zone induction.

Each of the ovens, hot plates and insuction zones are fully tempertaure adjustable, reaching up to 250 degrees in the top ovens and a maxium of 180 degrees in the bottom ovens. Giving the capability to slow cook, simmer, bake and roast at the same time.