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The Everhot is a true heat storage range, designed to provide cooking and room heat. Allowing the control and versatility of modern cooking methods, together with the even baking and winter warmth of a traditional range.

An Everhot is the most energy efficient range cooker on the market, handmade in our carbon negative factory in the Cotswolds.

Everhot electric range cookers are available in seven sizes to fit any kitchen design, and 21 stunning colours to perfectly complement your interior style. From bold, striking brights to charming, heritage tones.  


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Jacksons of Preston Ltd are able to supply and install your Everhot Range Cooker at a very competitive price. We have a wide range of Everhot Range Cookers available in our showroom in Preston, Lancashire or we can send you our catalogue for our full range.

With a reputation for technical excellence, Jacksons of Preston Ltd are here to help with your Everhot purchase.


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Our Aga Stove supply and fit service is available throughout Lancashire and the North West region.

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We pride ourselves with a reputation of techincal excellence in stoves. We are a family run business with a priority of making our customers feel relaxed when choosing a stove of their choice.

OFTEC hetas & gas safe QUALIFIED

Your Aga Stove installtion will be efficient, professional and carried out by a fully qualified OFTEC, HETAS & GAS SAFE registered engineer.


Our Range of Everhot Range Cookers

Everhot range cookers offer a diverse range of models, each tailored to suit different cooking preferences and kitchen styles. Here’s a glimpse into our lineup:

Everhot 60 Series: Ideal for compact kitchens or those with limited space, the Everhot 60 Series packs impressive cooking capabilities into a smaller footprint. Despite its size, this model doesn’t compromise on performance, offering two ovens and two hotplates to accommodate a variety of cooking tasks.


Everhot 110 Series: Combining classic design with modern functionality, the Everhot 110 Series is a standout choice for those seeking premium performance and style. Featuring three ovens, including a dedicated slow-cooking oven and a spacious warming oven, as well as four independently controlled hotplates, this model offers unmatched versatility and cooking precision.

Everhot 90 Series: Perfect for medium-sized kitchens, the Everhot 90 Series strikes the ideal balance between functionality and versatility. With two ovens and two hotplates, this model provides ample cooking space for preparing meals of all sizes, making it suitable for families and cooking enthusiasts alike.

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Everhot 120 Series: At the pinnacle of our range, the Everhot 120 Series epitomizes luxury and innovation. Boasting three ovens, including a powerful induction hob and a dedicated simmering oven, as well as an additional warming oven and integrated grill, this model redefines the possibilities of range cooking. With advanced features and exquisite craftsmanship, the Everhot 120 Series is the epitome of culinary excellence.

Everhot 100 Series: Designed for larger kitchens and households with higher cooking demands, the Everhot 100 Series offers an expanded cooking surface and enhanced features. With three ovens and four hotplates, including a full-width cast iron hotplate for griddling and searing, this model provides the ultimate cooking experience for discerning chefs.

The Everhot 150 is a versatile range cooker renowned for its efficiency, elegance, and exceptional cooking capabilities. With a classic design and modern functionality, this model offers four ovens, a dedicated grill, and multiple hotplates, all powered by electricity for consistent and reliable performance. Whether you’re baking, roasting, or simmering, the Everhot 150 delivers precise temperature control and even heat distribution, ensuring delicious results every time.


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