Kitchen designs are constantly changing.  A style that’s the new ‘must-have’ trend one year can quickly become outdated the next. However, there are two kitchen designs that are timeless and will forever be stylish; classic and contemporary.

There are many differences and similarities between the two, how do you choose which is the best choice for you? If you’re thinking of upgrading your kitchen, take a look at the qualities of both contemporary and classic kitchens to help inspire you.

Contemporary Kitchens

Bold, bright colours are hugely popular with contemporary kitchens, especially for a mix and match finish. If there’s one thing that really makes a contemporary design, it’s detail. Kitchen islands are a very dynamic feature, and one of the focal points of this style of kitchen.

Contemporary designs make the most out of the space in the room. One way to create a really functional design is to make it as open as possible to give you as much room to work with as possible.

Many of these designs implement clever storage solutions, such as hooks and stacked shelving, to free up storage and worktop space.

Modern appliances are also featured throughout contemporary kitchens, creating a focal point of the room. Choose from a fantastic variety of range cookers to transform your kitchen, adding a fantastic finish to your designs.

Classic Kitchens

Classic kitchens are the ‘jeans and white t-shirt’ style of all kitchens. It’s the simple details and neutral colours that keep this style so timeless and fresh. This kind of style creates a comfort within the room; if there is a colour that defines a classic style, it is most definitely white.

Marble countertops are the focal point of any classic kitchen. This design is not only beautiful, but striking to anyone who enters your kitchen. The subtle detailing defines what a classic design is.

Many individuals love classic kitchens for their incredible flexibility. You can take the classic look and add in modern features to change the way it looks and feels. It can easily turn into a modern or traditional kitchen simply by introducing certain elements like pendant lighting, bar stools and kitchen appliances.

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