At Jacksons, our dedication to enhancing your culinary experience is matched only by our passion for quality. Last week, we had the privilege of hosting an extraordinary live demonstration by the talented Everhot Chef, Judy. This event was a delightful exploration into the world of Everhot cookers and an opportunity to uncover the secrets to mastering the art of cooking with these exceptional appliances.

Judy, a masterful culinary expert, took centre stage for a few hours, showcasing the versatility and capabilities of Everhot cookers. Her culinary prowess was on full display as she effortlessly prepared a delectable array of dishes, from a succulent roast chicken to a divine plum tart.

The day began with the aroma of a roast chicken slowly cooking to perfection in the Everhot cooker. Judy’s expertise shone through as she shared her tips and tricks for achieving that perfect golden crust and tender, juicy meat. It set the tone for a day filled with culinary wonders.

Next on the menu was a creamy and flavourful risotto, demonstrating how precise temperature control on an Everhot cooker ensures the ideal consistency and taste. Judy’s guidance emphasised the importance of this control in achieving the desired texture and taste for a truly outstanding dish.

Toasted sandwiches, a quick and satisfying treat, were effortlessly prepared using the Everhot cooker’s grilling feature. The perfect crunch and melt of the cheese demonstrated the precision and convenience that an Everhot cooker brings to everyday meals.

A classic full English breakfast followed, showcasing how an Everhot cooker can handle multiple cooking tasks simultaneously with ease. From eggs and sausages to beans and tomatoes, each element was cooked to perfection, illustrating the practicality and efficiency of these remarkable cookers.

A stir fry, bursting with vibrant colours and flavours, demonstrated the rapid response and even heat distribution of the Everhot cooker, making stir-frying a breeze. The dishes continued to amaze as Judy effortlessly switched from one recipe to another, showcasing the versatility of this exceptional kitchen appliance.

For dessert, a luscious plum tart and a mouth-watering blackberry traybake were prepared. The golden crust and beautifully caramelized fruit showed how the Everhot cooker excels in baking, delivering treats that look and taste like they were crafted by a professional.

Throughout the day, Judy’s expert advice and invaluable tips highlighted the unique features of the Everhot cooker. Her engaging explanations and demonstrations showcased how to utilize these features to achieve outstanding culinary results.

In conclusion, the live demonstration with Everhot Chef Judy was a remarkable experience, providing a glimpse into the boundless possibilities that an Everhot cooker offers. At Jacksons, we’re proud to share these experiences with our customers, empowering them to unlock their inner chef and create exceptional meals for their loved ones.

Stay tuned for more exciting events and opportunities to enhance your cooking journey with Jacksons and Everhot!