New for autumn 2023, Everhot’s Electric Heater emerges as the latest addition to their line of heat storage stoves. Designed for diverse settings such as home offices, conservatories, guest bedrooms, and even shepherd’s huts. Versatile and adaptable, it’s tailored for spaces where heating just one room without activating central heating or lighting a fire is the need of the hour.

Unveiling Craftsmanship: Crafted by hand in Everhot’s Gloucestershire factory, the Electric Heater boasts a robust steel and cast iron heat storage construction. Its aluminium top heat vent promises durability and longevity, ensuring reliability and safety, destined to last a lifetime.

A Splash of Colourful Elegance: Available in a vibrant array of colours, including the sophisticated Matt Black addition, the Electric Heater resonates with the elegance synonymous with our Cookers. From Sage and Dove Grey to Marine Blue, Tangerine, Mustard Yellow, or Fandango Pink, it brings a pop of colour to any space, brightening dull corners or adding an accent touch to a room.

Simple, Yet Effective: Ease of use defines the Everhot Electric Heater. Upon delivery, simply plug it in and position it where desired. With an on/off switch and a thermostat for heat adjustment, experiencing its warmth is immediate. Its heat storage capabilities ensure constant, gentle warmth even after being turned off.

Versatility Redefined: The Electric Heater is not confined to fireplace settings; it elevates any space—placed in corners, beside windows, or near workstations. However, it’s advised not to place it under worktops or countertops due to its top heat vent.

Portability and Efficiency: With a weight of approximately 40kg, the Heater is movable by two adults for short distances. Its portability allows shifting between rooms or even taking it on trips to caravans, campervans, or garden offices, catering to specific heating needs.

Room-Warming Efficiency: Designed to heat a single room efficiently, it’s a cost-effective solution to warm specific spaces without activating central heating unnecessarily. Ideal for home offices or areas where concentrated heating is preferred during specific times.

Safety Precautions and Care: The Heater’s top heat vent emits significant warmth, hence it’s essential to maintain a safe distance, especially for younger children. It should be placed on fire-resistant surfaces and cleaned gently using warm soapy water without abrasive cleaners.

The Everhot Electric Heater embodies simplicity, elegance, and efficiency, making it an indispensable winter companion for targeted room heating. Its seamless operation, versatile placement options, and low maintenance promise a comfortable and stylish heating solution for your home or on-the-go adventures.