Range cookers are a fantastic focal point for your kitchen, and it’s incredibly important to maintain your cooker and keep it clean to ensure it’s working to its full potential. Cleaning your cooker not only keeps it sparkling, but it enables you to continue cooking delicious foods for years to come.

Keeping your oven as clean as possible after use helps to prevent the oven cavity and cooking surfaces from becoming dirty and more difficult to clean. Take a look at our top tips to help you maintain and clean your range cooker.

Don’t Use What You Don’t Need

Try to use only what you need to when using your range cooker. Never keep extra trays or racks in your oven when it is in use, as you are just making the additional trays and wire racks dirty and burning foods when you don’t need to. This leads to unnecessary cleaning which could easily have been avoided.

Always try to keep your ovens empty, with accessories and baking trays in the storage drawer in the spare cupboard and just use what you need.

Cleaning Your Hob Top

It’s important to note, when cleaning your gas hob, do not use any abrasive cleaners on the stainless steel as this could discolour or damage the hob top. For expert cleaning, opt for a soft cloth or soft sponge with warm water and washing-up liquid to wipe the top clean. Whilst it is still damp, polish dry with a microfibre cloth or old hand towel to get it sparkling.

Don’t Forget About the Oven Doors

When cleaning the glass oven doors, ensure to begin by cleaning the glass with washing up water, then use a good quality ceramic hob cleaner. This gives the glass a high gloss finish and will help the glass stay clean for longer. The doors can also be completely removed for easy cleaning, each panel can be removed and reassembled easily to help ensure a professional clean and glistening finish.

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