Range cookers are the heart of your kitchen. When it comes to finding the right one for you, that doesn’t necessarily mean you need to buy a brand new cooker. Reconditioned cookers are a fantastic option to invest in.

Reconditioned cookers are not second best; they are filled with years of workmanship, reliable service and are much cheaper to run. The heart and soul of your range cooker are original castings that have been restored and given a new lease of life.

Why Your Cooker Needs Reconditioning

Range cookers are built to last for years and withstand generations of use. However, like most technological machinery, over years of use they will begin to decline in quality. This simply means it is time to replace the working parts and get your cooker back to looking as good as new.

After reconditioning and restoration, you’re left with a range cooker that performs like it’s brand new, but at a heavily reduced cost.

What Happens During Reconditioning?

Experts and professionals begin by stripping the range cooker down, all internal parts are then shot blasted to restore all the internal cast components to their original state. During the second step, high-quality vitreous enamel is used to coat the front, doors, top and lid bands in a colour of your choice.

All the other components, including the lid, spring handles and towel rails are replaced. Once everything has been restored, your range cooker is looking and working like it is brand new.

At Jacksons of Preston, they offer a wide range of high quality and exceptional range cookers, including Everhot and Rayburn. If you’re looking to recondition your range cooker, their professional staff are on hand to offer their expertise and knowledge.

If you would like to find out more information about their cookers and the services they provide, simply get in touch with their friendly team today and they will be happy to help and answer any questions you have.